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  • Unlock the Power of NDC
    and Transform Flight Shopping Forever.

NDC (New Distribution Capability) standards were established by IATA to better enable communications across the airline ecosystem. ATPCO is the trusted bridge between IATA’s NDC and traditional distribution methods. We’re leading the industry into the future by delivering all air price content via NDC APIs, connecting all industry members, and creating one community-driven marketplace through smart connections.


Content Is King

When it comes to data and content, we’re the powerhouse of the airline industry, with the world's largest air price content repository. Our strength has always been in distributing that content throughout the air travel ecosystem. We're extending our expertise with NDC and are fueling the airline industry by delivering all content through all NDC and non-NDC channels. That means one source for all fare and fare-related data, including rich content such as branded images and videos.


Connectivity Is Key

As the number and variety of API versions and standards continue to grow, so has the need for one industry-wide solution that removes technology barriers. ATPCO’s travel technology platform works with all NDC APIs, including NDC Exchange API and Routehappy’s API. It enables total connectivity between airlines and travel sellers, extending reach to all traditional and non-traditional points of sale, reducing costs, and expediting interoperability across the ecosystem.


Partnership Is Paramount

ATPCO partners with major players across the ecosystem, including IATA, SITA, ARC, Routehappy, and many airlines and travel sellers. Being the neutral partner at the heart of this community allows us to leverage tremendous expertise and capabilities to reduce distribution costs and open up new revenue streams for everyone. In fact, ATPCO is the airline-owned platform for content distribution focusing on maximizing value to the entire industry.

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VIDEO: How NDC Exchange tackles the
three challenges around airline distribution

Join The Community

Innovation comes through industry collaboration – come join us!

Fly at Full Throttle on NDC

ATPCO and SITA partnered to make it easier for everyone to adopt NDC with the launch of NDC Exchange.
This community-driven marketplace enables smart connections across the entire ecosystem
through one single, easy-to-use API.


Real-time Data

It’s a cloud-based, infinitely scalable solution with real-time message translation, regardless of API, schema, or version.

One-stop Shop

Everything is in one place ̶ fares, routes, seating, booking, ticketing, baggage, ancillaries, and now Routehappy rich content.

Reduced Costs

Development and maintenance costs, including labor, hardware, and IT vendor expenses are substantially reduced.

Speed to Market

Products get to market faster ̶ you don’t have to develop multiple APIs or wait for tech partners’ release schedules.

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NDC Exchange—From Start to Finish

NDC Exchange was developed jointly by ATPCO and SITA, both certified IATA NDC-Capable IT providers.
NDC Exchange is Level 3 NDC certified and supports the entire workflow, including

Airline Profile

Branded Fares

Shopping: Pricing, Availability, and Schedules

Business Intelligence

Ticketing, Exchanges, Refunds, Cancels, and EMD


Offer and Order Management

Rich Content via Routehappy by ATPCO


Ancillary Services Offers

Thumbs-Up from Industry Members

"Future-proofing our solutions is important for Air Canada. NDC Exchange is a cost-effective solution that the industry can leverage. It’s run by partners that we all know and trust, that’s why it’s not only the solution for Air Canada but for the whole industry."

Keith Wallis, Director Global Product Distribution

Choose a Route to the Future

Whether you’re just getting started on NDC, looking to use our NDC Exchange API to future-proof your idea, or exploring rich content with Routehappy by ATPCO, we can help.


Onboard with NDC

Talk to an NDC Expert at ATPCO about cost-effectively ramping up on NDC.


Pilot NDC Exchange

Contact us to participate in a pilot program using the NDC Exchange API.


Get a “Rich” Co-Pilot

We’ll lead you through the world of rich airline content with Routehappy by ATPCO.


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Have a great idea for improving air travel? Bridge Labs is the incubator for you.

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